Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions of service for cryptofiato.

Below are the terms of service between each client/customer and cryptofiato.

 To be a registered customer of Ecurrency 4u you would have accepted this terms and conditions and are bound by service conditions as follows


cryptofiato : is a duly registered Ecurrency Exchange Service company  in the Republic of Ghana. Which carries out its exchange services via its portal/website or or its app cryptofiato on the ios and android platforms

Clients or customers: Is any individual who is Registered/Signed Up to the cryptofiato portal and duly verified by Email , phone Number and Personal Information

Ecurrency: are various electronic currencies which can be transferred independently between online based ecurrency accounts, wallets or platforms E.g. Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Skrill solid trust pay Ethereum, Litecoin,  Webmoney,  Okpay,  Payza.  e.t.c

Orders: Are individual specific Customers request for cryptofiato exchange services with information of type of Ecurrency, quantity  required  and preferred mode of payment By customers

Order Number/ Order No: is the identification for Each individual order placed by customers on the cryptofiato portal or website

·         Buying order No prefixed with the letter BO

·         Selling order No prefixed with the letters SO

·         Exchange order No prefixed with the letter E0

Prepaid Account: Its a wallet in each customers cryptofiato account in which you can store funds for the purchase of any ecurrency been sold on the cryptofiato portal/website

Client’s Mandate

1.       All individuals  would have to Register/Sign up and be verified by email and phnone number to be a client/customer of cryptofiato (All personal information shared with cryptofiato is only used for account and verification purposes and are not shared with any third party)

2.       Clients are Mandated to ensure all details especially email and phone number are updated and active as they would be used as mediums of communication between cryptofiato and the clients during processing of orders and for promotional activities.

3.       Clients are mandated to ensure the security of their cryptofiato accounts. They are to keep their account passwords and pin safe and not shared with any third party including cryptofiato. And clients to enable maximum internet security on their online devices. cryptofiato will not have access to your passwords as their  your details and would not take responsibility for any breach of your account, orders and transactions.

4.       Clients are Mandated to cross check and confirm all details in their orders before completing order process. The orders would be completed with the details as presented in the order and would not be liable for any errors due to wrong details used in placing order by client.

5.       Clients are mandated not to use cryptofiato services for any third party transactions

i)                    All Ecurrency exchanges are only to be made to and from wallets owned by the registered customer ( cryptofiato would not be held liable for errors due to third party involvement)

ii)                   All payments to cryptofiato can only be made from Accounts and wallets belonging to the registered customer especially bank transfer payments (cryptofiato will reject payments from a any bank account with a name other than that of the registered customer). All third party transactions are strictly prohibited

6.       Clients are mandated to place orders and make payments in the quickest possible time of two hours to avoid changes in prices due to fluctuations with ecurrencies such as bitcoin

i)                    All orders placed should be paid for within two hours or changes in price would automatically be factored into already placed orders with payment not added.

ii)                   All orders have a shelve life of forty eight (48Hrs) or would expire. If order status is not changed to paid, payment added or complete 48 hours after being placed the system would automatically cancel it and status changed to expired.

7.       Clients are mandated to pay for Miners fee when purchasing Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and litecoin .clients are also expected to pay the fees for skrill transfers 

 i)                  Clients have a choice of priority or regular fees whilst purchasing bitcoin on the eccurency4u platform. We strongly recommend  priority Fees for bitcoin transactions so as to hasten the confirmation of bitcoin transactions  and to keep us serving all clients efficiently these fees would be automatically passed  unto the clients.

8.       Clients are Mandated to adhere to payment instructions on the website  religiously by referencing their payments and adding payment details for faster service

9.       Clients are Mandated to be courteous and cordial to cryptofiatosupport staff and sysytems

i)                    Kindly place order, make payment using order as reference and add payment details inputting the correct transaction id, and the order would be completed between 3-7mins during working hours, all clients are employed not to use life chat unless there order has been delayed for more than 10mins as the use of live chat actually slows down our processing times.

ii)                   All selling orders would be completed within 7 mins  of receiving the expected ecurrency, except bank payments which would be done within  30mins - 2hrs during working hours. For Bitcoin selling orders payment is done after we receive 3 confirmation from the bitcoin network.

iii)                 All clients are to maintain a cordial interaction through phone, live chat, support ticket or being present in our offices with all our staff as they are well trained to respect and provide excellent customer service. Any threat or abuse of our staff will result in the blacklisting of the individual and a report to the   appropriate authorities  for legal action.

10.   Clients are Mandated not to use cryptofiato website/portal for any Local / Internatiional  money laundering activities. as this would not be tolerated and reported to the authorities

11.   Clients are Mandated to report any attempted abuse/abuse/ attempted hack/conspiracy to the cryptofiato portal or website.

12.   All clients are mandated to partake in all promotional activities of cryptofiato and to enjoy benefits from our loyalty program as stated below im the loyalty section

13.   All clients are mandated to be able to decline and unsubscribe from the ecurrecy4u service at any time.


Ecuurrency4u Manadate

14.   cryptofiato Mandates  to provide world class, safe, fast, reliable  and professional ecurrency exchange service to all its customers

15.   Ecurrency mandates that all personal information of clients is used only for verification and customer account management purposes only and does not share this information with any third party

16.   cryptofiatomandates to run a highly secure service using ssl certification and highly encrypted systems to ensure the security of your transactions, order and personal details

17.   cryptofiato Mandates to process all Paid orders within 3 -7 mins of receiving all correct details of the order and correct payment details.

18.   cryptofiato Mandates to make payment for all selling orders during working hours within 7 minutes of receiving the sold ecurrency except bank payments which could take between  30mins - 2 hrs. Bitcoin payments  would be paid for after 3 confirmations from the bitcoin network.

19.   cryptofiato mandates to process correctly all orders using the information provided for the order by the client and would only apply change in price in the occasion that prices change occur for ecurrencies that were ordered that have not been paid for two hours after the order being placed

20.   cryptofiato mandates that all information on the site are true and correct 

21.   cryptofiato mandates that all promotions are  controlled by ecurrency 4uand can be changed and stopped at any time of our choosing

Customer loyalty Accounting system

i)                    A registered customer is a basic customer

ii)                   Basic customer who  uses our system buys or sells any ecurrency up to $1000  and leaves a testimonial automatically graduates to a silver customer

iii)              All silver customers receives a 0.05% discount on all ecurrency purchases and 0.05% increase for ecurrencies being sold until they graduate to the next level Gold customer. Silver customer who buys up to a $10,000 or sells more than $10,000 of ecurrencies and leaves a testimonial graduates to a gold customer.

iv)            All  Gold Customers receives a 0.075% discount on all ecurrency purchases and 0.075% increase on all ecurrencies being sold . Gold customer who purchases up to $20,000 or sells more than$20,000 of ecurrencies and leaves a testimonial graduates to a platinum customer

v)              All Platinum Customers receives a 1% discount on all ecurrency purchases and 1% increase for all ecurrencies being sold as long as they remain ecuurrency4u customers

***Very Important Notice:***

A Transfer or Deposit of one coin to a different coins address is considered to be a cross chain deposit.


Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


cryptofiato would not be held responsible for any mistakes in the transfer of coins to a wrong coin address provided during the ordering process. We dont provide Cross chain recovery. Because these deposits are difficult to recover and some cant be recovered at all.



When placing orders, make sure to provide Bitcoin (BTC) address for Bitcoin (BTC) transactions only. And provide Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions. Any mistakes in providing any of these addresses would be your sole responsibility especially if we have already completed that transaction.


We advise all our cherished customers to be vigilant and ensure they are ordering or buying the right coin in the right address. Make sure to double check your address to ensure that you entered the right address for the coin you are purchasing or selling. If you are in doubt, crosscheck after placing your order before adding payment details to your order.


This policy applies to any order sent to an address of another coin on another network. This includes but is not limited to:


Providing a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address for a Bitcoin( BTC) order and vice versa.

Sending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address for a Bitcoin (BTC) order and vice versa.


Thank You. 

cryptofiato Management